A new book documenting 50 years of Welsh Mod

Welsh Mod: Our Story is a high-quality, hard-back photographic book, documenting the roots and revival of the mod subculture in Wales from the 60s through to the present day. We have spoken to Welsh musicians, fashion designers, film directors, DJs, record collectors and scooter enthusiasts about what mod means to them and how it has changed their life.


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The book was a crowd-funded project launched on Kickstarter. Our backers pledged over £8,500 to help bring the project to life. Thank you to everyone that pledged and to all those that showed an interest and offered encouragement. The book is now available to purchase to those who missed the Kickstarter campaign. Pick up your copy today.



  • “Just finished reading your Welsh Mod book last night. I really enjoyed it. Congratulations, it covers so many bases. Wonderful design and photography too.”

    Mick Talbot
  • “This is a fabulous book … Well constructed, superbly presented plus excellent photographs, it is an essential buy for anyone with an interest in mod.”

    Scootering magazine
    July 2019
  • “Book arrived. I absorbed every word and fell into every picture. It's a proud piece of work. Thanks for asking me to be involved.”

    Andy Fairweather Low
    Musician, Cardiff
  • “Mod to me is about being open and not being closed. There are no rules. It’s not just about the 60’s and scooters, it’s also about fashion and nice design – it’s about getting the best of everything and being open to all cultures.”

    Eddie Crole
    DJ and Mod, Porthcawl
  • “Me and my friend Mike Vincent found this shop called The Regal in London and got quite friendly with the owner. Cardiff had quite a limited choice of clothes at the time – particularly the psychedelic stuff we were interested in.”

    James Parker
    DJ and promoter, Cardiff
  • “Brilliant book, beautifully done”

    Jonny Owen
    Writer and film director
  • “Anything to get an edge. Rounded jacket fronts. Two three and even four button jackets. The boxy Italian jackets had short side vents maybe two or three inches long at the most.”

    Jeff Banks
    Fashion designer
  • “I was 19 when I got my first scooter. I had no wing mirrors simply because I couldn’t afford them. It was lucky that I could afford the the crash bars and the screen.”

    Geoff Nicholas
    Original mod, Gwent
  • “My red denim jacket with dogtooth trousers was my trademark look. The trousers would usually be second hand too because they would be better fabric. I would wear them with suede shoes. I even used to carry a suede brush around with me.”

    Paul Mansfield
    Mod, Newport

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